GACN software solutions

We have developed tools to simplify our delivery to you

Price Aggregation Rules Management Systems (PARMS)

PARMs is a robust management software developed with multiple user interphase by GACN in collaboration with the industry to management gas revenues and administer Aggregation in line with executed gas supply contracts and industry endorsed Price Aggregation Rules Agreement (PARA).

The Nigeria Gas Hub/Tradding Platform

This is a centralized hub for access to real time information on gas supply and demand within the country. The platform currently in its development state and when completed will integrate existing market information and contract administrative data to facilitate a gas trading services within the domestic market. It will also help determine actual and projected gas demand and supply within the domestic. It is anticipated that this will help foster the emergency of short terms and spot gas contract within the Nigerian Gas Market.

Gas Infrastructure Due Dilligence System (GIDDS)

The GIDD System is a Geographical Information System (GIS) software developed by GACN and captures gas infrastructure in the Domestic market. The software includes information on pipelines, gas plants and power plants with transmission facilities and other major gas and power infrastructures in Nigeria. The pipeline information includes trajectory (coordinates), capacity, gas specifications, flow directions and ownership. In addition to existing infrastructure date, the software also has information on planned infrastructure, indicating stages from maturation to completion. The system is also able to support multi user integration of regular updates on all new gas infrastructure in the country. This is in line with overwhelming stakeholders request for quality assurance and access to critical industry information for an enhanced gas supply and demand Due Diligence process