Demand management
In demand management, GACN performs the following functions:
  1. First point of contact for potential gas buyers
  2. Receive, log and process demand request
  3. Conduct due diligence on buyer and if successful formally accept into demand pool
  4. Interface with the Regulator on Domestic Supply Obligations and Availability
  5. Manage allocation of supplier obligation levels
  6. Advise Honourable Minister for Petroleum (HMP) on demand growth trends
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Gas price management
GACN performs the following:
  1. Management of Escrow Account
  2. Receipt and Verification of Payments from Buyers
  3. Calculation of Periodic Aggregate Gas Price
  4. Payment of suppliers from Escrow account
  5. Management of dispute resolution process in respect of gas payments
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Network administration
GACN performs the following:
  1. Lead a daily operational Interface between gas transporter, buyer and suppliers
  2. Log daily nominations from Buyers
  3. Coordinate deployment of swing capacity or swaps leveraging its real time knowledge of available supply capacity in system
  4. Advise transporter on adhoc supply source in event of shortfall
  5. In extreme shortfall, manage the rationing of demand according to pre-determined rules
  6. Manage the metering of gas flows and reconciliation for invoicing and dispute resolution

Trading platform
GACN performs the following:
  1. Leverage its data access and management capability to support the development of a commercial gas trading platform in Nigeria
  2. Enable the creation of a potential gas trading hub for Nigeria and the West Africa region – ‘Nigeria’s Henry Hub’
  3. Facilitate the future commercial trading of both physical and paper instruments